Saturday, September 22, 2007

What is Your Real Age?

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Here's a pretty fun test to determine your Real Age and your Life Expectancy.

Real Age Test

I'm 8 years younger than my actual age.

How old are You?

Bonus shot of Muddy Mrs. Geezer.

I took the test again and put down bad choices. My Real age jumped to 120 and my Life Expectancy dropped to 27.
A bit junky around the edges. "I go hungry most days" should -- sad to say -- make life expectancy go UP. Ask those nutty CRON people. And breakfast eating? I don't think so...
Whelp, I'm dead already. Strangely liberating, it is.
Strangely liberating, it is.

lol, Pupster.

Party on, Dude.
I don't remember seeing an "I only eat Organic Veggies" question in there?

I, too, am listed as ten years younger than my real age.
Must be a glitch in the program.
I just wish Mrs. Geezer was 10 years older in that picture.
HA! Even with the smoking and drinking I'm 17 whole years younger!

(Lights one up)

I'll make it to 91.
Mrs. Geezer *Finally* saw this post.
You should have heard all the ranting.

Arrrrrgh, why did you post that picture???

It's an invasion of privacy!

I asked her what was up with the kid in the middle. What's wrong with his chest.

She said he's probably twisting around picking mud out of his shorts.
Looks like I'm good to go for another 32 years!
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