Friday, August 31, 2007

My Scary Prison Tat

Ever since I posted this story about Mickey Jones, the former drummer for Kenny Rogers, I've had a few people ask me about my tattoo that made everyone laugh.

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Here's the reaction from the judges at the tattoo contest.

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Here's the Scary Prison Tat.

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Yeah, it's Jerry the Mouse from the old Tom and Jerry cartoons.
Probably not the kind of ink you want on your body, in the Joint.
That tattoo is over 40 years old.
Keep that in mind when you go for that intricate design of a Crocodile on your lower back.
I'm talking to you, Sobek.

I knew this kidnapper that got an old school vato tat on his back. It reminded me of the "Keep on Truckin" guy. It was pretty funny looking, but I didn't laugh.

I also knew a drug trafficker that had "HA" on his chest. I finally got the nerve to ask this big, bad ass biker dude what's the "HA" about. He said he started to get "HARLEY DAVIDSON", but he got out early for good behavior.
Joe Barbera came to the set of the Flintstones when my wife was working there, so she scored on a sketch of Tom and Jerry drawn on a yellow pad of paper. We had it "museum mounted," which was supposedly going to stop it from fading, but it faded anyway. You can still make it out, but you have to work at it.

Yours has aged better.
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