Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dragonfly Whisperer - Part VI

click for photo
I've learned that you can get dragonflies to land on your finger.

Actually Dragonflies are pretty territorial and will usually land on the highest perch around. Just hold your finger in front of them and gently shoo them toward it.

It helps the effect if you make hypnotizing motions with your other hand and buzzing noises with your mouth.

This picture is a little out of focus, it's hard to tell with the macro lens engaged.

I've got a few other pictures of dragonflies on my finger on this blog.
Here's one "Dragonfly Summer".
Bird Whispering.

Click here for better photos


I love dragonflies.

I was once floating around on a rubber raft in a small local lake, and I came upon a configuration of dragonflies in the middle of the water that...I'm at a loss to describe. There were...50 (?) of them, arranged in a ring. Some rightside up, some upside down, some on top of each other. They were like an elaborate classical cupola or Roman arena. It was amazing.

No camera :(
Camera + Lake = Trouble Brewing.
If you ever get a chance to record a video of this, please upload it so I can have more of an idea how to do this! I've only tried just twenty minutes ago with no luck. Of course, I need practice, but more information is always helpful.
OldO1989 at gmail dot com
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