Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Made a Pond Filter

I started with a plastic waterfall liner for a whiskey barrel bought at Lowes,
and a handful of 1/2" fittings and PVC.

click for photoI cut some plastic ceiling lighting grid to fit on the bottom to keep the filter media separate from the Mighty Vortex I created with the PVC.

click for photo
I drilled a teeny tiny hole (1/16") in the fitting and angled it toward the bottom of the tank so the water doesn't squirt out. What the heck is the hole for? It's to prevent all the water from siphoning out of the filter if the pump quits.
Next I turned on the pump to fill the holding tank.

click for photo
Next we put the filter media in to the filter. I'm using synthetic swamp cooler pads and the Bridal Veil from Mrs. Geezer's first wedding.
Just kidding, we bought this material at Savers.

click for photo

Really it's just gauze type material, we just put all that stuff into the tank. I think the more filter media the better it will work. I may cut up some sponges and throw in there also.

click for photo
Notice the little hole squirting down into the tank? That's my anti-siphon hole.

click for photo
We cut some more plastic grid to put over the filter media so the puppy doesn't eat it.

click for photo
Notice the yucky green color. LauraW says with the proper bacteria, it will be "Gin Clear" in a few days.

click for photo
DISCLAIMER: I have no idea if this thing works. Don't try to build it yourself. Don't mess around with electricity and water. Pay an electrician to do this job. Look both ways before crossing the street. Not responsible for injury and/or death. Your mileage may vary.

I'm just sharing this to tell you how I spent my day.

Niiice upflow filter!

You're so wise. Like a tiny Buddha, covered in hair.

And no, your pond won't be gin-clear in a few days.

Wow is that water green, holy crap.
You need to trademark "Mighty Vortex" and maybe "anti-syphon hole." ...or use them as sexual euphemisms.
The reason it's so green is we took the other waterfall back to Home Depot. It wasn't even a month old and all the fiberglass was peeling.
Anyway, we were without a pump for a week while I assembled the parts and figured out how to build it.
I'm thinking of getting the "Pondzyme" stuff that has Barley in it. We added "Ecoclear" today so I hope that starts to help soon.
Whoa. You go weeks without update, and now you're like a postin' MACHINE. The mind reels. Possibly because I drank to much last night.
Barley is for string algae, not green water algae. I've never tried that ecoclear stuff.
S. Weasel, yeah I get sidetracked with work and reading other blogs and run out of time. I really need to post something about Flyin' Brian's wedding.

LauraW, thanks for saving me $20.
How do you like my little hole-in-the-pipe trick?
When I turned off the pump and realized that all that water was being siphoned back into the pond, I knew I had to have something to leak air but not affect the pressure.
Excellent idea. I just might try it...and get electrocuted.
*takes out life insurance policy on John Kaiser*

I think you'll be fine, John.
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