Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mickey Jones and Me

Forty years ago I was working as a stagehand at NBC studios in Burbank, California. I worked on many shows including: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Phyllis Diller and Laugh In. One time I was working the Dean Martin show and I heard that Kenny Rogers and the First Edition were going to appear. Their song "Just Dropped in to See what Condition My Condition was In" was one of my favorites so I went back to the dressing room to see if I could get their autograph. They were very nice and every member of the band signed a piece of sheet music.
Kenny Rogers
Thelma Camacho
Terry Williams
Mike Settle
Mickey Jones.
You may not know it but you have probably seen Mickey before. He usually plays a big Biker Dude. He was in a popular Breath Saver commercial and he was a regular on Home Improvement.
Flash forward 40 years and I hear the DJ on Boomer 100.7 say that Mickey Jones would be appearing on his show the next day. I called up Big Jack and Bryan and told them I had Mickey's autograph. They were excited and asked me to fax it to them.
The next day I was listening as Bryan interviewed Mickey
When he showed him the copy of the autographed sheet music, Mickey was blown away.
"That's the real deal," he said.
On Saturday they were going to have a motorcycle rally to raise funds for Cancer research and guess who was going to be the Master of Ceremonies.

click for photo
I told Mrs. Geezer that we needed to drive to Ontario for the festivities. We got there just in time for the Loud Pipe contest.
This girl won the contest with her Harley. Look at Mickey plugging his ears.

click for photo
I entered the Tattoo contest but there was some tough competition.

click for photo
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Everybody is impressed by my 'Prison Tat'.

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The Wild Card Band was playing so I asked them if I could sit in on a song. They were nice enough to let me.
(If I know there is going to be live music, I always take my Harmonica Belt... Just in case)

Here I am playing along with the ZZ Top song, Tush.

click for photo
We had a great time. We'll be back next year and so will Mickey.

Hiya Taatoo-Geezer

"Just Dropped in to See what Condition My Condition was In"


I notice that You are having a great time ... happy for You!

(( hugs ))
Cool! Look at you up there showing the kids how to rock 'n roll. I would like to see that tat, btw. It doesn't say 'Hello, Kitty' does it? :)
Dang, Brew. Your spies are everywhere.
Good to see you're making progress overcoming that shyness problem.

Good pics. Looks like fun.
Looks as though you had a good time. I liked that the crowd was intimidated by the tat.
Oh my gosh, I've met Mickey Jones!

It was back in the early 90s and he was the friend of a boyfriend. I remember going to a party at his house. He was such a nice guy!
Lipstick, you'll be happy to know that he is still a nice guy. He is very humble and very passionate about our Armed Forces.
After I read his schedule of events, I was amazed that he had the stamina to do all the things they wanted him to do. After being the MC for the whole day motorcycle events, he had to make another appearance at a bar in Idaho at Midnight.
What a small world it is sometimes.

Great photos, by the way. What WAS your tattoo?
unrelated, but inspired cuz of the jones thing.

Got a friend who's brother used to work in the sound and mixing for "augustfest" here in my hometown.

My friend got to meet a lot of classic members of classic rock bands not to mention some contemporary country bands that ended up going big.

He said that of all of the people he met by being allowed backstage, the only one who REALLY understood who he was, was davey jones.

He hated the music, but he would always sing the praises of the "guy" cuz davy knew that he was davey.

No really he would, he had a lot of cool stories about hanging out with davy jones.
Yep, there are some celebrities who really stand out as 'honest, down-home' people.
The ones that I recall, in no particular order are: Mickey Jones, Charlie Daniels, Carol Burnett, Mac Davis, Susan Anton, Bernadette Peters, Trini Lopez, and Rita Rudner.

Some of the ones I've heard unpleasant stories about are:
Shirley MacLaine, Helen Reddy, Rich Little.

It's likely that y'all haven't even heard of some of these folks... and I probably forgot some...
Remember, I *am* old.
I've heard of all of them.

You need to post a picture of that tattoo... it must be hysterical, judging from reactions of the people in that picture.
Due to Popular Demand, I mean Lipstick and Nice Deb's request, Here's that Scary Tat.
Great Story! I'm the Promoter of this event and yes Mickey is coming back! June 27th-29th, 2008
Were gonna do'er again!
Dates for 2009 are July 3rd, 4th and 5th.
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