Monday, March 19, 2007

Pheasant and Hawk

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Mrs. Geezer came in and said, "There's a pheasant by the hay barn".

I went out with the camera and I could hear it making a 'ka-chuck' kind of call. It would repeat this about every 5 seconds.

I tried to sneak out by the barn but it must have heard me because it ran out into the field, making that 'ka-chuck' sound rapidly.

I took this picture and then I noticed the Red-Tailed Hawk sitting on the power pole.

The hawks never sit on this pole because it is only about 50 yards from the road.

I guess he was thinking about having a pheasant dinner until I spooked him.

He flew over to the other pole where he usually sits with his mate. You can see him below his mate with his wings spread.

The pole is about 200 yards from the road.
I walked over one day and discovered many mouse and gopher body parts under the pole.

Good Job!


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