Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Don't Fall for This

Here's a cartoon representing the natural progression of someone falling for the Nigerian Scam.

Click to enlarge the picture.

Putting Things in Perspective

Los Angeles Blogger, Patterico, puts things in perspective.
I read this a couple of days ago but it keeps haunting me. I've got to link it.
"I’ve discovered a way to bring a new perspective to your life.

To explain it, I have to tell a little story.

Driving home Friday night, I was remembering a time years ago, when my daughter Lauren (now six years old) was in her first year. An old friend of mine was coming to town, and we went with my wife to see a Glen Phillips solo acoustic concert down near San Diego.

We were very excited to see the show. But for some reason, we couldn’t get a babysitter. So we decided to take Lauren. Since it was just an acoustic show, we hoped that she’d sleep peacefully on my lap. If, during the show, she got upset, I would take her out to the car. Thereafter, my wife and I would take turns watching her in the car..."

To paraphrase someone, "Can any good thing come out of LA?"

I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me.

You'll feel better after you read the whole thing.:

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Idaho Guardsman Receives Bronze Star

Master Sgt. Dennis L. Wallace, is the first Idaho Air National Guardsman to receive the Bronze Star Medal with Valor.

Congratulations and Thank You.

Don't Drink German Beer

Yeah, it's pretty much a Not Safe For Work photo.

350,000 Without Power

Looks like the Midwest is getting the brunt of this storm.
"ST. LOUIS, Missouri (AP) -- The temperature barely rose into the 20s Sunday as hundreds of thousands waited for the restoration of electrical service that was knocked out by an ice and snow storm.

That's one reason I told my friend Not to get a Pellet Stove, you need electricity to make it work. Plus I've heard that they are noisy.

Liberal Problem Solving

Who says Liberals don't know how to solve simple problems?

H/T Kelso

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Chilly Chickens

It got down to 18 degrees last night.

Today the chickens were huddled together trying to keep warm.

How are things in your town?

I Hate Barbed Wire - Reason 58

We used to have a real likeable neighbor who owned about 10 horses. He moved away after his wife died but still keeps 5 horses at his old ten-acre pasture. Mrs. Geezer looks after them. They eat the grass in the field so basically she just makes sure they have water and checks for injuries.
Yesterday she went down to check and called me right away. "Call Fred (not his real name) and tell him that one of his horses is really, really, really hurt.
It took him about an hour to come because he lives about 40 miles away now. Normally his stock answer when we report a horse injury to him is, "It's a long way from the Heart".

Well, Fred, this injury ain't a long way from her heart, in fact it's real close.

I don't know how or where she injured herself, I walked the entire fence line and didn't see any blood. Judging from her wound, I think there must have been a bunch.

It looked to me like she reared up and came down on a T-Post. That *may* have happened or she may have just ripped it on barbed wire like the last 4 horses that got injured, did.

Important Safety Tip: Barbed wire is NOT for horses, it's for Cows.

He examined the wound and decided to take her back home with him.

After our horse injured her foot, last month, Mrs. G declared that she wouldn't take our horses down there anymore.

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