Friday, November 10, 2006

Scariest Tech of 2006

Here's twelve of the worst tech ideas for this year:

Starting with Amazon's Movie Download service:
"It's slower than a trip to Blockbuster, more expensive than buying the physical DVD, absurdly restrictive on how the consumer uses the movie he or she pays for, delivers lower resolution than a DVD, and requires running a cable from the PC to the TV if you want to watch the movie on something larger than a PC monitor."

Reefer Recording Madness and Blu-ray v HD-DVD.
...Or you can spend $500 to $2,000 for a high-definition DVD player - Blu-ray or HD-DVD, one of which might be obsolete in a year or two - and take your pick of a few dozen movies available for that particular hi-def format.

Read it All:

Oooooh! That was all very scary! Especially the part about Amazon's movie download service. That was true and extremely terrifying! Don't do it!
I think the DVD scare about HD, is unfair. blue ray and HD-blah, and whatever else, still use the same basic physical formate, unlike beta and VHS. Processors are so flogging fast now, that the processor in my brothers DVR is faster than my last computer (prior to this one which is a flogging ninja (3.2 gig actual, 4.3 I think was it's test rate) so it's possible that different formats over a common medium can be accomodated by a single read system within weeks.

But the Amazon and Itunes video thing is about the most retarded concept ever.
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