Thursday, November 02, 2006

Frozen Fountain

The fountain made a pretty sculpture out of ice yesterday morning.

We have about 25 goldfish in the pond. I think I'm going to add a heater so they don't freeze.

Hey Mr. and Mrs. Geezer,

we added an entire zone of climate to our pond by building a hoop-house and covering it with plastic sheeting.
It doesn't ice over until the real bad weather hits, and the running water stays moving under the ice. Was way cheaper in the long term than running a heater spot.

Hubby created a frame of pvc pipe that snaps together and sets up pretty much like a big tent over the pond, then we drape 2 mil plastic over it and weight it down at the edges.

Has been through several winters and has only buckled under snow and ice twice. Sprang right back after it was cleared off.

Cheap as all get out to build.
There are plans all over the net to build these things, but hubby designed his own.
If your pond is round rather than long like ours, a geodesic dome type design would be stronger than or hoop house.
-come to think of it, your pond is a reasonable size to frame off and cover with a couple layers of large-cell bubblewrap under the heavy plastic, which would be even more protective.

Sun goes in, warmth gets trapped in the cells.

I might try that next year.
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