Thursday, November 23, 2006

Best Thanksgiving Ever

There should be TWO photos here.
Hit refresh if you don't see both of them.

Flyin' Brian's all-girl crew:
Mrs. Geezer, Stephanie his Fiance and Jennifer his Adopted Sister.

Hospital cafeteria food might not be your idea of a great meal but it was just fine with us.

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Sad news about the missing girl.

I posted about our Thanksgiving Day, and Damsel posted about the sacrifice our military families make on holidays. All good and well -- but -- imagine having an untimely event happen in your family on this holiday and having to make the best of a bad situation -- well that's exactly the scenario for Retired Geezer and family as they rushed to be with their son recovering from a helicopter crash. Seems like Brian is on the mend and will recover -- A Thanksgiving, indeed.

Note to Brian: get well soon -- and welcome to the club. "They" say there are two kinds of helicopter pilots: those who have crashed and those who are going to. You and I are both past that milestone now. I was lucky and walked away from my crash in 1979. Damsel and I hope you keep flyin' Brian . . . I kept at it and I'm thankful that I did.
Dear God!!!


Is that you with the white beard?

You look JUST like my uncle John. The one who thinks that the "right stuff" guys should be on rushmore. No kidding.

You are a little more meaty than he is now, but before he got sick the first time, You look JUST like my uncle John.

Brians hand looks like hell!!!

Did he break digits?
People have said I look like Richard Dreyfuss but never WP's Uncle John.
I choose the latter only because of the good things I've heard about him.

Brian's hands are OK, other than being beat up. As he told Mrs. Geezer, "I broke my nose, my leg and my ankle and I kinda broke my back a little".
A Mickey D's hamburger and fries would be great in your situation. Glad to hear things are looking up for Brian.
Thanks for the updates Pat, very happy for you and your family.
Now's the time to arm wrestle him Geezer!

Make sure they give him the stuff first.

d in t
It's tragic that the girl and the policeman died, but I'm so very happy to hear that your son is going to be okay. Every moment should be cherished.:)
"I broke my nose, my leg and my ankle and I kinda broke my back a little".

What a guy!

"oh, it's just a little broken back, CHILL MA! all I did was shatter my sternum, and my right knee was eaten by that bobcat from '24' but it ain't like it's a big deal!"
A little levity for the spudders.
Is it just me or does Brian have chicks wishing him well from all over the country? The boy has a fan club.
Yeah, it's funny but he's friends with all his old girlfriends and their husbands.

They all knew that Brian's First Love was Flying.
Hey, glad to see that Brian is gonna pull through okay and that he has his circle of loved ones around. I hope and pray he will have a full recovery. Do the doctors have any estimates on how long before he's up and around?
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