Friday, October 27, 2006

Safety Tip of the Day

My pretend intertube friend, Dave at Garfield Ridge, had a breakdown last night.

A washing machine breakdown.

Here is my advice to him:
Buy steel reinforced hoses.
You're going to have to buy hoses anyway, unless you're cheaper than I imagined.
Spend the extra $10 and get the steel braided ones.

Here's my experience with hose leaks:
I had the good fortune to be standing in the laundry room when one of the non-steel hoses decided to spring a leak. All of a sudden there was a loud hissing sound. At first I thought it was Richard Simmons or The Dog Whisperer. It was the washing machine hose. By the time I got it turned off, there was 3 inches of water on the floor.

Sure they're more expensive but consider how much the stuff in your basement is worth. It wouldn't take more than a few hours for your basement to fill up.

Mrs. Geezer always turns off the hoses when we go out of town. Another good idea.

"Sure they're more expensive but consider how much the stuff in your basement is worth."

Dead hobos are worth more than just sentimental value? Huh.
I keep telling myself to buy those. Kind of like the CO alarm I need to get. I turn the taps off when we leave. I've heard horror stories about the ice-maker line breaking as well.
Holy moly. I'm 47 years old and Dave @GR is only the second person I've ever heard of this happening to.

My habit was to buy new ones every time we moved or every 5 years, whichever came first.

And to check my homeowners policy.

My laundry facilities are on my second floor. I don't have re-inforced hoses. I should probably think about getting some eh?

Skinbad is right about the ice-maker line. A friend of mine had hers fail while she was away for a week. She has a condo unit above someone else's and they both had extensive damage. It was months and many $$$$ later before it all got sorted out.

I unhooked my fridge's line. It's no big deal to fill ice trays.
I was just commenting at your blog the same time you left this comment.

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