Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Day Late on Sprinkler Blowouts

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One of my favorite customers moved to Boise. I didn't realize she still owned the old house until she called me to blow out the sprinklers.

I went out the next day and it was frozen solid.
The filter housing was cracked and full of ice.
I dismantled it so it could drain. I hope I can go back and blow it out when the weather warms up in a few days.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Clayton Cramer's BLOG

Clayton Cramer discusses Idaho Proposition 2

Clayton Cramer's BLOG:
"The second aspect of Proposition 2, which is why city and county governments around the state are flipped out about it, requires that if a change in an existing 'land use law' (which includes both zoning and planning regulations) causes a reduction in the value of private property, the owner is entitled to compensation for the reduction in value.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Safety Tip of the Day

My pretend intertube friend, Dave at Garfield Ridge, had a breakdown last night.

A washing machine breakdown.

Here is my advice to him:
Buy steel reinforced hoses.
You're going to have to buy hoses anyway, unless you're cheaper than I imagined.
Spend the extra $10 and get the steel braided ones.

Here's my experience with hose leaks:
I had the good fortune to be standing in the laundry room when one of the non-steel hoses decided to spring a leak. All of a sudden there was a loud hissing sound. At first I thought it was Richard Simmons or The Dog Whisperer. It was the washing machine hose. By the time I got it turned off, there was 3 inches of water on the floor.

Sure they're more expensive but consider how much the stuff in your basement is worth. It wouldn't take more than a few hours for your basement to fill up.

Mrs. Geezer always turns off the hoses when we go out of town. Another good idea.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Perfect Gift for Liberals.

No it's not an Endoscope.

Remember before the last election when Alec Baldwin and several other celebrities claimed that if Bush won, they would leave the country?

Here's the perfect gift for those unhappy individuals, it's a book by Mark Ehrman, titled Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America.
"Now that habeas corpus and other basic rights, including the right not to be tortured while interrogated, have now been deemed unnecessary, more Americans than ever have been thinking of getting out the door while they still can.

While they still can?
What does that mean?
The U.S. is going to close the borders and revoke all our passports?
Is it my imagination or aren't people trying frantically to come IN to this country?
What could be the reason?

Apparently there are 50 countries better than the United States to live.
50 Countries?
Who knew.

Bon Voyage, don't let the door...

Boing Boing: Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America:

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dangers of Online Gaming

Not that it could affect Me. I don't play World of Warcraft.

"A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine quit playing Warcraft. He was a council member on what is now one of the oldest guilds in the world, the type of position coveted by many of the 7 million people who play the game today, but which only a few ever get.

When he quit, I asked him if he would write a guest blog post about the experience. What follows is a cautionary tale about the pull an escape from reality can have on you..."
Nope, I'm a Guild Wars player

Soul Kerfuffle: The View From the Top

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Full disclosure;
I've been offered a free firearms training course at Front Sight in exchange for posting these links.
Since I've already taken one of their excellent courses, I jumped at the chance to get a free one.