Sunday, September 03, 2006

I Hurt Myself Today

Just like the Nine Inch Nails song that Johnny Cash sang.

We have a coffee area in the lobby of church. People will take the coffee into the service, either in the styrofoam cups or in their travel mugs that they bring from home.
I was yawning quite a bit during the message so I decided to get some caffine . I got a little styrofoam cup and grabbed the cream pitcher.
"I'll put a little cream into my cup then pour in the coffee and it will mix nicely" I thought.
I poured some cream but realized it wasn't cream, it was ice water.
"I'll just drink this real quick and then pour the coffee into the cup".
It was scalding hot water for tea, not ice water.
In the nanosecond after I realized it was very hot, I just opened my mouth and let it all run out onto the floor in front of the coffee area.
I stopped on the way home and got a cup of ice. I don't think it helped too much. The roof of my mouth, my tongue and soft palate are all very tender. No blisters yet.

You guys get coffee DURING the service? I've got to ask our pastor about doing that. All we get is a little cup of juice and a cracker.
I think the youth group makes fancy coffee sometimes for fund raising.
No smoothies yet though.
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