Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mrs. Geezer Cut my Tongue

Mrs. Geezer cut my tongue ...of my trailer.

With a Welding Torch.

Bud the Neighbor helped.

The horses watched.

We're going to use the steel I-Beams for loading ramps to drive cars onto our flatbed trailer.

How can the horses watch when you have those sacks over their eyes?
Why do the horses have those little masks over their eyes?
Those are fly masks, they keep the flies from irritating their eyes.

We call them their Party Masks.

Hunter, the brown horse, has his Batman mask on. It covers his ears so they don't get in. Peaches, the Pinto, doesn't get bothered by them as much.
I want to get some white paint and paint eyes on Hunter's mask, so it looks like Batman.

Crime Fighting Horse.
Crime Fighting Horse.

I'm so proud of you for having the right attitude about maintaining domestic animals.
I have a concrete-related question for Mrs. Geezer.

I have made sturdy outdoor structures from concrete before, but never have mixed a successful batch of hypertufa. It comes out so weak.

I have a collection of large styrofoam tubs that I'd like to cover with tufa to make large planters out of them.
Any suggestions? Should I apply chickenwire or hardware cloth to the styrofoam first?
Nosy horses in party masks. I still maintain I'll be out there at Camp Geezer next summer.
Laura ... I've never heard of hypertufa but I've just been checking this out and it sounds like so much fun.

I'm not sure why yours is coming out weak but here are a few hints I found in making this stuff. Make sure all your dry ingredients are blended well before you slowly add the water ... then take a 10 min. break to let them soak up that water ... and afterwards to let the project cure for 1 week.

When I make my stepping stones or benches I always put some chicken wire or large animal fencing in the middle of my pour. The wire would give your project strength but maybe try something smaller to see if that works first.

If you want to try a different type of stepping stone I used some large ruhbarb leaves from my garden for the form. The ones with big veins give it some great texture.

I don't know if I helped you but you sure gave me a great new art form to try. I'm excited ... Thanks
Mrs. Geezer
Ah...might be a combination of not letting it soak long enough and impatience.

Thanks dear!

I just got the biggest styro cooler I've ever seen in the store- no way I can use it for shipping- and I'm dying to make a big planter out of it.

Wish me luck!
The picture would have been so much cooler if the horses had welding goggles on.
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