Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bird Whispering in Idaho

I thought you would like an update on the Magpie nest in our pine tree.

Two baby Magpies hatched but Mrs. G discovered one had died. She showed me where the live one was sitting on a pile of firewood.
An hour later I walked by and it was still sitting there.

Saint Francis of Assisi, I'm not, but I *have* coaxed birds into landing on me... many times.

I make a little "peep peep peep" sound and they don't seem so afraid. It's the Universal Language that says, "I'm a baby, don't hurt me".

I walked slowly over and picked the little guy up. I cupped him in my hands, while making my Bird Whisperer noise. He snuggled in and closed his eyes.

His mama and daddy were not too happy about our bonding. "Squawk squawk squawk squawk" *pause* "Squawk squawk squawk squawk".

I wanted to put him back into the nest, away from the feral cat who patrols our yard for mice, but I wanted to get a picture of him to show y'all. I couldn't get my phone out of my pocket but I was able to use my Bluetooth earpiece to voice-dial Mrs. Geezer and tell her to bring the camera.

She was able to get one of the wild bunnies in the photo.

You might also like to see a picture of the time I coaxed a Dragonfly into landing on my finger.


That is just so cool.

Bird whisperer of Assisi. That's a pretty good title.
I love visiting your blog. Too bad my time is so limited for comments.
At least you're not coaxing mosquitoes to land you, right?
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