Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yin Yang Idaho Free-Range Chickens

We let our chickens wander around during the day. They put themselves to bed around sunset. Insects tremble when they see the thundering herd come forth from the Coop.
In the course of their travels, they have scratched all the flowers out of the big flowerpots by the front door. I think it's because they like to jump in there for a refreshing dust bath.

Mrs. Geezer was surprised to see them curled up in the pot when she opened the front door today.
The photo isn't as sharp as it could be because she was forced to take the picture through the screen.
As soon as she opened the screen door to take a clearer shot, they scattered.

She names all the chickens, bunnies and regular animal visitors to our homestead. The two yellow chickens are Goldie Hawn and Golda Mier. The other hen is named Bonnie, after her friend in Las Vegas.

I thought they looked like the Yin Yang symbol.

Let us know if you find any eggs in your flower pots. What a life! You can just open up the front door and pick up a fresh egg.
A couple of years ago, one of the hens disappeared. We thought she had wandered off or gotten killed. She reappeared again, after a couple of weeks followed by a brood of about 8 baby chicks.
Occasionally we will find a clutch of eggs, hidden under a bush or behind some machinery.
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