Thursday, April 13, 2006

World's Ugliest Dog Voting - 2006

Some of you will remember Sam, The World's Ugliest Dog. Sam died last year but don't dispair. There are a few more beauties hoping to claim his title. It all happens at the Sonoma-Marin Fair. Here are some of the contenders:

Pee Wee Martini
is know by some as "Pee Wee, Son of Sam" (a nickname given to him by Susie, mother of Sam).

"TatorTot, SAM's longtime girlfriend, is a mixture of chihuahua and Chinese Crested hairless.

"Rascal is the only living and competing Ugly dog to hold the coveted 'Ring of Champions' title which makes him the current 'World's Ugliest Dog'."

Lucille Bald, aka Lucy, resides leisurely on the outskirts of sunny Cocoa Beach, Florida. She was voted "Orlando's Ugliest Dog" by the readers of the Orlando Sentinel.

Munchkin, I had seen her photo on their website quite by accident and fell immediately in love with her as I was convinced my previous 6-time World’s Ugliest Dog , Nana, had been reincarnated as Munchkin.

OK Funseekers, click on the link below to have your vote counted.

Sonoma-Marin Fair 2006

H/T and a Big Hug to my Blog Mama, Sondra K.

Hi -
I invite all to take a look at more pictures of PeeWee, the "Son of Sam" & Zippy at
Make sure to bring your votes, your sense of humor and some eye protection :-)
See you there
Kelly A. Smith
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