Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sobek Made Me Famous.

It's True.
I've joined the ranks of unfortunate victims honored Bloggers,
along with:
Ace of Spades.
Are You Conservative.
Dave from Garfield Ridge.

I couldn't be happier, if I'd Retired and moved to Idaho.

Funny... I don't remember being interviewed by a Crocodile.

Out of gratitude, I have thrown away Mrs. Geezer's Alligator Handbag.

Ah, fame and fortune. Let it go to your head. You've earned it.

I think it's very brave of you to retire to a state that contains homocidal maniac spuds (plants).
You're in exclusive company RG! A Sobek interview is a singular honor.
Now you're famous and have the big-ass sunglasses to prove it. ;)

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