Friday, February 24, 2006

Sunset Showdown ~ You Decide

Mrs. Geezer and I both took pictures of the sunset from our back porch.

I think they were taken about a day apart.

Which is the better shot?


The winner gets a Treat.

Which is the better shot?

Mrs. Geezer's shot is clearly better.


Because she's a chick, you fool. I can't believe you got into a debate with her about this.

[Just ignore the fact that only one of you had the presence of mind to zoom out in order to crop out the power line and bring the clouds up closer to the barn. Do you want to get laid, or what?]
Well, you obviously saw through my Treat euphemism.

Been meaning to snip those power lines... better get a permit first though.
I like the blue and pink one, in spite of the power lines because I think the colors are prettier.
What kind of treat? A *SUNDAY*? LOL

I pick the top one easily....

oh oh....
Tough call. The red/purple is beautiful, but the more yellow/gold one looks warmer.
I suppose it doesn't matter which picture comes out ahead, as I have a feeling everybody wins in the end anyway.
Both are gorgeous, but the gold one seems to be a portent of spring
and warmer weather whereas the blue
and pink (though nicely done despite the power lines) looks vibrant but cold. But I agree with the last comment that you'll both win in the end because
I can't imagine one enjoying a "treat" without the other.
C and C in warm St. George
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