Thursday, January 05, 2006

Snowbox Derby

File this one under Memories.

The Lee Canyon ski resort, near Las Vegas, had (has?) an event called the Snowbox Derby. Homemade sleds race down the mountain and compete for prizes in several categories.

We built our entry "Desert Snowstorm" in 1995, after Operation Desert Storm. It was a Hummer, built out of Cardboard, Tape and Glue, as specified by the rules.

We won an award for The Fastest Snowbox and we took the Second Place Award for the Most Creative Design.

They had some excellent, creative and goofy entries... not to mention dangerous.

Here's a photo of our friends, Lori and Jim, with Mrs. Geezer and Me proudly displaying one of our plaques.

I would sure like to see something like that here in Idaho.

Thanks to Sobek for inspiring me to write this by asking me what there was to do in Vegas.

Reader Ted, from New York, emailed me this question:

My dumb question...if it was made primarily out of cardboard, how come it didn't get all soggy and fall apart as you (presumably) sledded your way down the slope?

Regardless, that is a pretty bitchin' piece of construction! Cool stuff (literally).

Some did get soggy but our secret weapon was that we used 'floral boxes' that had some sort of coating and we totally covered the bottom with packing tape. That's how we won the fastest snowbox. The cardboard was pretty thick and we doubled the thickness. It had to be pretty stout to hold four people.

In the second picture, which couple is you and Mrs. Geezer?
We be the couple on the right. Of course that was 10 years ago, before Geezerhood set in.
Very impressive. Sounds like a lot of fun. You could organize the one in Idaho.
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