Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Justice? 8 year-old Iranian Boy

This is what happens to an 8 Year Old Iranian Boy Caught Stealing Bread in a country ruled by The Religion of Peace.

Update: The site was swamped and ran out of bandwidth.
(probably not due to My link)
LGF has a bunch of interesting comments:

Gee... maybe it was just a way for the poverty stricken father to make money.
I don't think they would allow this in the United States.

Update: Those readers who were skeptical of the title, it turns out, were correct; Baikal contacted the publisher, Peykeiran, and after a confusing exchange received the following reply:

It seems you have not read the text that came with the pictures.
In irna
there some who earn their bread by Maareke giry. In our case one
of these maarke giry had hired a kid to do those unhuman show.
You read the text that came with photos.

The phrase "nuclear anhiliation" comes to mind.
I read the thread at that link and it doesn't seem clear that the caption matches the picture. It might be some kind of performance, either way, the kid doesn't look too thrilled about what's happening.
His server was maxed out:

Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable
Daily Bandwidth Exceeded
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