Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hawk Encounter

I walked outside to start my car this morning and was surprised to see a Hawk, sunning himself on the roof of my work-truck. I had been outside for a couple of minutes before I noticed him. He seemed pretty calm so I took a couple of photos with my camera phone. I wanted to get a better shot so I went inside to get my regular camera and shot a few photos through the kitchen window.
I have seen hawks in my yard before but never this close. I think it was a Red-Tailed Hawk. He was probably waiting for the bunnies to frolic in the grass but they were understandably absent.
I'll try to post the camera phone pictures also.

Yeah, I went to pick up my daughter the other night at the local mall, and as I was parked waiting (around 9:00 pm) this big owl comes flying down into the tree right next to the window of my car. Blew my mind! I'd never seen an owl in the wild that close up and totally unafraid before. It sat there for at least ten minutes as my little one and myself watched.
When I was stationed in Alaska there were bald eagles all over the place. They were like crows. They were pretty incredible though. I could get within about 5 feet of them.
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