Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fast Go-Ped

Do you know what a Go-Ped(tm) is?

Imagine a scooter with a little whiny 2-stroke engine on the back. (think lawn trimmer)
Imagine someone putting a Big Engine on one.
Imagine a skinny kid in a t-shirt racing a souped up Trans-Am with it.

Guess who wins?

I'm guessing that this race took place in California so I'm going to trackback to California Conservative.

H/T Kelso the Sky Diving Realtor.

Ha! No, I don't have a Go-Ped, but my roommate does.

They're fun, but I wouldn't actually buy one.

I'm waiting to actually get a motorcycle.
The nitrous on the go-ped was a surprise.
The proverbial Fat Chick.
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