Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ice Cream Potato

Here's one of our famous Idaho Ice Cream Baked Potatos.
Can you guess what it's made of?

Start with a potato-shaped lump of vanilla ice cream.
Roll it in cocoa powder to make the outside brown (to simulate the
Split it with a cleaver and put whipped cream in the center (to
simulate sour cream)
Top it with broken oreo pieces (to simulate bacon bits or chives).
Pour chocolate syrup over it (to simulate chocolate syrup).

Has anyone, in another state, ever had one of these before?

il gonna try it later.
Not here in Nevada.
Ahhh, I forgot about those ice cream potatoes... Used to always get one at the River Festival. And doesn't The Ram have them on the menu? We moved from Boise to Coeur d'Alene two years ago and I had completely forgotten about ice cream potatoes! Now I'll have to try that recipe out here at home. Thanks!
Sounds Tasty. Make mine a double!
ice cream potatoes are amazing and i get one everytime time i go to the western idaho fair!
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