Friday, June 24, 2005

Happy Hands Twins

Happy Hands Twins
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It's Kris and Keri from the Happy Hands signing club. I think it's Kris in the green. We went to their performance tonight. It was excellent.
(The actual name is the Good Hands club.)

Many of you know that I was a stagehand in Vegas for years. I've seen a lot of different acts, some good... some not so good.
I have to say that I was very impressed with their show.
The club just returned from performing at Disneyland. They are going to perform in Florida next month.

Wish I could have seen the Happy Hands club signing with you and Mrs. Retired Geezer....watching your blog page is the next best thing though....keep it coming ;)
No way... Is it the twins from happy hands club... the real twins. Please this is very important. I have to contact you as soon as posible. I have no way to explain it on this comment but you can get a hold of me at or you can call me at 541-472-0448 Please if you found this comment try and get a hold of me or get a hold of kris and keri and let them know about this comment. Thank you so much, this is so impotant to me.
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