Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Dazed Finch

I was engrossed in Ace's blog when my wife called me. I went into the family room and saw she had something cupped in her hands. She opened them to reveal a little finch, kind of green with a small cluster of red feathers on the top of his head. He was sitting there on her hand with his eyes closed.

"He crashed into the window by the bird feeder", can you put him back outside?

I carefully took him outside and opened my hand to let him go but he just sat there on my palm. I made little peeping noises to him and brought my face very close to him. He opened his eyes but stayed put. I managed to get him onto the bird feeder platform where he just sat and breathed. I added some seeds to the empty feeder and threw a handful out in the yard for the chickens. When I brought my face closer to him, he opened his eyes but didn't seem afraid, even when I touched him with my finger. We're talking 5 minutes elapsed time now. I went indoors to get my camcorder but when I looked out the window he was gone. I noticed some chickens under the feeder and assumed that he had fallen off and been pecked to death. Then I saw the little red feathers in his head as he flitted among the rosebush branches. He jumped around some more and then flew to a pine tree about 30 feet away. It was a comforting Idaho Moment.

Not a single sparrow "falls to the ground apart from your Father's will" (Matthew 10:29). Nothing is too insignificant for God's control and nothing is too big.

My mom tried to save a bumblebee that crashed into our living room window. She got a teaspoon of sugared water...and tried to put it to the bee's mouth. Poor thing drowned...right there.
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